Comparison of OpenStreetMap (OSM) with authoritative road datasets (REF)
The procedure allows to import customized road datasets from the OSM database and an authoritative source and returns some measures of their spatial similarity.
How to use the tool:

Road network datasets must (for REF) and can (for OSM) be uploaded as a compressed ESRI shapfile. Click the Browse button, select the .zip file from your system and adjust its color using the Layer Color selector. Enter also the reference system of the dataset.

The OSM road network dataset can be also retrieved (using the Overpass API) by clicking the Retrieve OSM data button. This will retrieve OSM data for the current map view; alternatively, hold down the shift key to select a rectangle on the map view and then click the Selection Retrieve button.

When at least two datasets have been uploaded, click the Compare menu button. This will open a menu where you can specify the buffer width for the comparison, the datasets to be used as REF and OSM and (optionally) the mask for clipping the previous datasets - to be previously uploaded as a compressed shapefile. Then click the Start comparison button to run the algorithm and download some statistics on the similarity between the datasets in a PDF file.

Select File

Layer Color

Projection Source

Layer Color

Layer Name

Retrieve data from the current map view

Select an Area (holding shift key and dragging the mouse pointer) and Retrieve data from the selected area

Select a layer and get data from its bounding box

Buffer list (map units)

Reference Layer

OSM Layer

Mask Layer